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Sauna Baths at Arlberg WellCom

Enjoy our wonderful array of spa experiences that allow you to feel the benefits of heat and cold, light and darkness, touch and aromas, as you take a journey through the different varieties of sauna baths.

Treat yourself to one of our sauna infusions at every full hour from 4pm to 8pm.

Kelo Sauna with extensive glazing that allows spectacular mountain views: 95 degrees Celsius
Dry Heat Sauna: Classic Finnish sauna – the air is extremely hot (95° C) and dry
Sanarium: 60 degrees Celsius, 50% humidity
Steam Room: 45 degrees Celsius, 100% humidity
Herbal Sauna: 80 degrees Celsius, dry air


To maximize your bathing experience, please note that we are a mixed nude sauna; wearing swimwear or other clothing is not permitted for sauna baths.

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Arlberg WellCom
Hannes-Schneider-Weg 11
6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

Tel +43 5446 4001

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