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The stunning Center was built as part of the preparations for the 2001 World Alpine Ski Championships in St. Anton.

The architecturally striking Center for Wellness and Communication was awarded the Austrian Prize for Architecture. With its screen of oak beams and sleek lines, the Center blends seamlessly into the surrounding mountain scenery. A superb example of high quality urban, contemporary architecture and a sight to behold!

In 2003, received the IAKS-IOC Award (Bronze Medal).

Dietrich | Untertrifaller
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The Architects

Dietrich | Untertrifaller

“Our projects are strongly linked to the site and its surroundings; they are based on the individual situation and program. This guarantees differentiated solutions, individuality and uniqueness”, explain the Bregenz-based architects.

“Existing and new structures complement each other, creating exciting results. This is the strategy we follow in all our construction tasks, both in the city and in the country – we are searching for solutions with regard to village structures and the development of urban concepts. The economic use of resources and the utilization of suitable materials are also decisive factors of our architecture.”

Helmut Dietrich’s Biography
Much Untertrifaller’s Biography

The Building History

… of the

The relocation of the Arlberg railway line from the north-western terrace above St. Anton to the less sun-spoiled, shaded side of the valley provided a unique opportunity for the development of the village. In 1998, Dietrich/Untertrifaller won the competition to design the Center. Structurally complete, it served as the Accredited Media Center for the 2001 World Alpine Ski Championships. The generously laid out facility including a multi-purpose hall, spa and a restaurant area, built on the newly reclaimed area, constitutes a vital interface between the ski slopes and the village. Where once the railway tracks embodied a stringent separation, an open promenade has developed.

In designing the Center, the architects Helmut Dietrich and Much Untertrifaller have focused on the topography and functionality of this multi-purpose building. Their strategy was to achieve a functional building that results in a certain stubborn calmness while observing the structural traditions of building in Alpine areas.

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The urban-planning concept for the pays homage to the site, along the transition from the village development to the open recreational area and ski runs. The flat structure has been inserted deeply into the rising landscape, forming a natural progression between the surroundings and the green roof. Facing the village, the structure boasts an expansive façade.

The Center’s sleek lines and grass-topped roof blend seamlessly into hills dotted with hay sheds, while warm lights emit an inviting glow on nights. The striking structure provides a modern contrast to the time-formed mountains and petite homes decorated with painted pastoral scenes.
The comprises a great multi-purpose hall for all kinds of events, a restaurant and a wellness complex with indoor and outdoor pools. Towards the village, an arcade unites the different facilities behind a screen of oak beams. Its exterior, interior and zoning form a contrast of corresponding and superimposing elements, which according to individual interpretation offer stimulation, surprise and architectural indulgence.

A shade-giving all-weather umbrella made of dark weathered oak fins smoothly integrates the main façade of the relatively large building into the rather fragmented development structure of the village.

Behind this cross-connection, the floor plans stretch into the depth of the space, while a wide foyer in front of the multi-purpose hall absorbs the wavelike streams of visitors. Two seminar rooms that are suspended from the upper floor of the tall space and accessible via glazed footbridges create an attractive design and upgrade the simple foyer.

The wellness complex is located surrounding the open courtyard in the southwest. It can be accessed via the architectural form of a long ramp, which sets out from the counter hall at the promenade and leads from the darker ground floor to the light flooded upper floor with laconic clarity. Lounge areas surround the pools, which are located about one-third of a storey below the lounge level, on three sides, thus providing a perfect view. The broad patio of the generously spaced restaurant area extends towards the promenade.

Generous in space and refined in design, the materials used in the elegant interiors are charcoal grey steel surfaces, birch plywood and natural slate flooring. The contemporary interior design addresses a receptive audience. The intense urban life that takes place inside the building during peak season is hardly discernible from the outside; in fact the building is so smoothly integrated into the Alpine landscape that the roof, as another façade with its rational superstructures seen at an angle from the sloping hill, appears as a tangible work of spatial art.

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